Crafting SaaS Success for SaaSpreneurs

" 98% of the people in the world are drifting through life with no plan or purpose. This is the major cause of failure. " ~ Napolean Hill

Are you thinking about starting or scaling your SaaS business?

 Look no further,  work with me. Patrick Muchiri, a Software Engineer, seasoned Entrepreneur, and passionate Chess Player. I also serve as a Coach or Consultant to help guide you on your entrepreneurial journey.

I have the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your business goals and succeed online.

Don’t hesitate to reach out today and take the first step toward building your dream business.



Bringing new ideas to life has never been easy



Power of planning, foresight & Risk calculation



The heartbeat of every business in existence

I empower Entrepreneurs & Netizens to build successful online businesses. My strong business, software engineering, and chess background endow me with a unique perspective. I can rapidly analyze changing business enviroment and build logical plans to stay ahead of the curve. I help Entrepreneurs with the Ideation process, Strategic Planning, and Marketing